11 Second Club Entry- Oct 2017

This is the video I created for 11 Second Club's October 2017 Competition. 

I placed 10th out of 187 entries!

11 Second Club Entry- July 2017

This is the video I created for 11 Second Club's July 2017 Competition. 

I placed 24th out of 104 entries!

Animation Breakdowns

This is a breakdown of my Ubisoft Robot vs. Man scene. When I first heard the sound clip I had a fairly clear visual of what I wanted my scene to look like. After the storyboard phase, I set up my scene in Maya and adjusted the cameras and did a basic layout. From that point on I just followed my usual animation process and ended with my final product on the bottom right! I'm not responsible for modelling the characters, but I did model and texture the set as well as light the scene.

Here is the process video for my animation called "Fish School: After Hours". I knew I wanted to have a classroom scene, but thought that may be boring... so I found some cool sea creature rigs and turned it into a Fish School! Throughout my process, a few things changed. For example, I initally wanted to have a classroom full of fish who would laugh at Finny after he says the wrong thing at the end. I decided to change this to having Finny fall out of his chair instead, since it was the less "typical" ending. Some camera angles also weren't working so I changed those. My initial blocking changed slightly as well, because I felt I was repeating actions frequently, so I switched it up as I went along. Adding set dressing was the most fun because I got to add details to the ro'om like the list of "After Hour" classes on the chalkboard. I did not model any of the things in this scene but I did texture the set dressing.

Here is the breakdown for my sword fight animation! For this piece I tried to stick as closely to the video reference as possible. When I did the blocking and in between pass I included the walk cycle that was in the reference. I decided to take it out of the final though because I didn't feel like it added much to the scene. The timing in those two videos appears off from the final because of the missing walk cycle. I am not responsible for modelling, texturing or lighting this scene. Enjoy the video!